4 Reasons to Invest in Stone Countertops

In Countertops by dawn

When we are choosing a kitchen, bathroom or workshop counter most of us want something that is going to look stylish and last the test of time. Many people choose to go for surfaces that look appealing but when it comes to durability and design, they are fundamentally flawed and end up wasting more money than they are worth. Stone counters like quartz worktops and granite surfaces are always worth investing in for a range of practical and aesthetic reasons.

Timeless Designs – With naturally produced materials like stone that comes in a range of colours already, you can be sure your granite or quartz countertop will always stay fashionable even if you choose to redecorate the rest of your kitchen that goes out of style.

Durable Surfaces – Rooms that are heavily used are subject to wear and tear on a daily basis but because stone worktops are scratch, heat and water resistant they allow your kitchen or bathroom to look great for longer.

Hygienic Counter – When you are preparing food or washing, cleanliness of surfaces becomes paramount to ensure you protect yourself and others against bacterial infections. Hard, smooth and impermeable materials like stone prevent food and bacteria collecting and breeding keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Value for Money – Whether you are paying for granite or quartz worktops you can be sure that they will last significantly longer than wood, plastic or artificial countertops which means you are unlikely to ever have to replace such a durable and cost-effective surface.

If you are looking to invest in quality stone surfaces to improve your kitchen, bathroom or workspace you can find a beautiful range of granite and quartz worktops at Set in Stone. Their expertise in supplying and fitting bespoke stone work surfaces is second-to-none with their carefully sourced materials from specialist suppliers. To find out more about the stone counters they offer visit the Set in Stone website.