About quartz and quartz surfaces

In Quartz Surfaces by dawn

Quartz worktops are renowned for their exceptional quality, beauty and practicality. Many would even argue that quartz matches – and in some cases even beats – the very best in pure granite worktops.

To understand what it is that gives quartz surfaces in UK homes and across the world their esteemed reputation it is necessary to consider what quartz is and how precisely it is transformed into kitchen and bathroom worktops.

Quartz – known chemically as silicon dioxide – is a mineral found naturally in ancient rock formations across the globe. It is one of the hardest and most durable of the world’s minerals, eclipsed in resilience only by precious stones such as diamonds.

Unlike worktops made from granite, quartz stone worktops are not carved out from the ground in slabs. Rather, skilled technical intervention is required to transform many small quartz pieces into workable blocks, combining the mineral with resin and pigment through the use of specialist – and extremely powerful – compacting machinery. The resulting blocks are then professionally polished so as to fully exploit the natural gleam of the quartz.

When investing in quartz surfaces for a kitchen or bathroom it is not so much a case of searching out the best natural grades of quartz – as one would do when choosing, say, kitchen granite worktops. Instead, with quartz surfaces it is the quality of the manufacturing and transformation process that is important, with purchasers always strongly advised to choose proven reliable brands such as Compac Quartz, which is produced to the same high standards as the renowned marble based worktop, Compac Marmol.