Advice on choosing bathroom worktops

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When changing the look of a bathroom, quality worktops are not always as high on the agenda as they might be for a more central showpiece area as the kitchen

Yet top-of-the-range bathroom worktops can not only enhance the aesthetic aspect of a bathroom, they also often serve an essential functional role.

Unlike most other rooms, aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is constantly exposed to the potentially damaging effects of water, whether this be in the form of repeated splashing and soaking, or via the added high-temperature risk of steam.

In addition, spillages from shampoos and other cosmetics can also have an adverse effect on bathroom furnishings and accessories.

Quality worktops, however, can help provide added protection against this combined onslaught of water, heat, and chemicals, since they are both completely impermeable and highly resilient.

Caesarstone worktops have become a popular feature of many bathrooms in the Yorkshire, Humberside, Leeds, and Cheshire areas, since they combine the strength of pure quartz with the hard-wearing and impenetrable qualities of epoxy resin.

Other quality quartz worktops are also available on the market, such as those made from Compac Quartz. Alternatively, there is an equivalent processed marble product called Compac Marmol.

Proving they are not just for the kitchen, granite worktops have also been shown to complement bathrooms rather well, whilst also offering an equivalent degree of protection to Caesarstone quartz worktops.

Caesarstone, Compac Quartz, Compac Marmol, and granite worktops are all also usually available in a wide range of colours and patterns and can therefore usually match any existing or planned d├ęcor.