Are Caesarstone worktops superior to other worktops?

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Caesarstone worktops have been praised by many householders in the Yorkshire, Humberside, Cheshire and Leeds areas, both for their functional properties and their aesthetic beauty.

Caesarstone is, of course, one of the finer quality brands of quartz but a question often asked is whether Caesarstone is measurably better than other quality quartz brands, such as Compac Quartz, or indeed other quality worktop materials, such as granite or Compac Marmol.

When examining the specifications of the various top-of-the-range worktops, many impressive and scientifically verifiable claims immediately leap out.

These claims often relate to the high degree of resilience and durability inherent in the worktop surface, the ease with which both kitchen and bathroom worktops maintain their formidable hygienic qualities with just a minimum of cleaning and the depth and beauty of the colour and pattern of each worktop.

Once the quality bar is raised, the fact is that Caesarstone, Compac Quarts and Compac Marmol can all justifiably vie for the description of ‘the best’, as can traditional granite worktops.

What is perhaps harder to quantify is how each household arrives at its personal choice of worktop, since the decision can relate to any number of factors. Ultimately, however, no sober comparison of the fine distinctions between kitchen granite worktops and those made from Caesarstone or Compac Marmol can sway the opinions of the many householders in the Yorkshire, Humberside, Cheshire and Leeds areas who will be quite prepared to say, when asked, that they genuinely love their Caesarstone worktop.