Avoiding the cowboys when buying quartz and granite worktops

In Granite Worktops, Quartz Surfaces by dawn

For both the bathroom and kitchen, granite worktops are growing in popularity, as are quartz surfaces. UK demand for these stone worktops is so high that some inexperienced firms and individuals have tried to cash in by offering worktop sourcing and installation. Avoiding these poor quality suppliers and installers can however be achieved by following a few golden rules.

Firstly, always ensure that a wide choice of colours and patterns is available to choose from. A reputable supplier of kitchen and bathroom worktops will be able to draw on a vast range of colours rather than trying to foist a particular design, pattern or colour on to a customer.

Secondly, when it comes to granite worktops, the quality of the grade should always be interrogated. If a supplier is able to offer unbelievably cheap granite worktops this could well be a sign that a ‘second quality’ grade is on offer. Second quality grade granite is likely to have many natural flaws and only be available in blocks that are too small to install without incurring lots of unsightly joins. Some unscrupulous dealers have even been known to dye cheap granite worktops to make them appear darker (because dark shades are often more popular).

Thirdly, installation of granite and quartz worktops is a very skilled operation with a strong risk of chips, breakages, and uneven or misaligned fittings where the requisite skills are absent. These problems can best be avoided by choosing a supplier or installer whose fitters are registered members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.