Beautiful surfaces make a bathroom haven

In Bathroom Countertops by dawn

In the modern household, the bathroom is a place for relaxation, luxury and self pampering. As such bathroom design has become extremely important, and creating the perfect haven in which to enjoy an opulent bathing experience relies heavily on your décor. Nevertheless when designing your bathroom, your materials must be suitable for more than just look and colour. Practical considerations such as durability and water resistance are highly important to the bathroom environment, otherwise you could end up with materials that become stained and damaged in the wet and humid climate.

Bathroom worktops and surfaces play a large role in your bathroom design for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Your choice of tiles and worktop material should match your bathroom design, whilst being able to withstand the effects of moisture, mildew, mould and stains, all of which are potential problems associated with the bathroom atmosphere.

Granite worktops are a choice for bathroom design being cost effective, waterproof and stain resistant. Granite is also able to withstand hot appliances such as straighteners or curling tongs, making it ideal for bathroom surfaces. Available in an affordable selection of styles and colours, you can easily find granite surfaces to match your décor.

Also widely used for bathroom worktops are cultured marble and Corian. Cultured marble has the attraction of low cost, whilst the surfaces are easy to maintain and repair. Corian is a more expensive option, but has several advantages. Firstly Corian can be cut to any size and shape to fit your bathroom. Not only that, but you can have your Corian worktops customised in terms of colour and finish to suit your style.

Ultimately your choice of bathroom worktop surfaces will rely heavily on your budget. Nevertheless there are plenty of affordable and attractive choices that will create a highly efficient yet beautiful bathroom design.