Beware: not all quartz worktops are the same

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It is a disconcerting fact that that not every worktop described as ‘quartz’ is up to the high standards associated with this unique stone. Investing in a poor quality quartz worktop can lead to enormous disappointment, frustration and additional expense. Why should this be, and how does the customer avoid falling into this trap?

The key point to note about quartz worktops is that, unlike granite worktops, they are not produced from quarried slabs. The quartz must firstly be processed by combining pure quartz pieces with a small quantity of resin – a mixture which must then be subject to a powerful compacting force. It is this refining process which, if not undertaken with the correct degree of expertise and thoroughness, can result in a vastly inferior product.

There are many salutary accounts of customers who have invested good money in quartz kitchen or bathroom worktops only to find a little way down the line that their beautiful surface has scratched or chipped. The frustrating fact is that such faults are almost impossible to experience with bona fide quartz stone worktops.

The only sure way to guarantee not having to replace or repair quartz worktops is to choose a thoroughly reliable brand, such as Compac Quartz.

The Compac Company, which also produces an equivalent marble product – Compac Marmol – supplies to a number of renowned and prestigious organisations around the world.

Strong brands like Compac quartz easily match – and many would say supersede – all that is prized in the best bathroom and kitchen granite worktops.