Caesarstone worktops – for an easier life

In Set in Stone News by dawn

Whilst the pace of modern life remains ever more frantic, there are steps many home improvement experts recommend are taken around the home to help save valuable time and energy.

Many of these steps command a great deal of media attention, such as investing in maintenance-free cladding and window frames, but one simple measure that can also help save time and effort is sometimes overlooked because it is often seen simply as an aesthetic rather than as a functional solution – namely the installation of quality kitchen and bathroom worktops.

As an increasing number of homes in Cheshire, Humberside, Leeds, and in fact Yorkshire in general are discovering, the fitting of quality worktops such as those made from Caesarstone can not only add beauty to a home but can also provide busy householders with one less thing to worry about.

Quite simply, the tough, resilient and impermeable nature of Caesarstone worktops means that they are not only easy to keep clean, but they are also highly likely to maintain their function as a reliable working surface for decades to come, with the need for little, if any, maintenance.

The contrast with lesser-quality worktops such as laminates and acrylics is clear when evidence shows that the latter are liable to absorb spills, warp or crack. These deficiencies will often result in cleaning needing to be more intensive in order to try and remove staining or to ensure that no bacteria are harbouring in the worktop’s cracks and faults.

It may also lead to the need to use additional chopping and work surface boards and, eventually, complete worktop replacement.