Caesarstone worktops: not just for the professional market

In Set in Stone News by dawn

Caesarstone worktops have become firmly established in professional circles, not only for their superior hygienic qualities, but also for ease of maintenance, and their ‘clean’ look.

This association with the professional market has led some householders to overlook Caesarstone when considering the most appropriate material for their kitchen or bathroom worktops – suspicious, perhaps, that Caesarstone worktops might appear more ‘clinical’ and less ‘homely’ than, say, traditional granite worktops.

This view certainly flies in the face of the growing take-up of Caesarstone worktops among householders in Humberside, Cheshire, Leeds, and the rest of Yorkshire.

It also, perhaps, misses the main unique selling point of Caesarstone worktops – that of uniformity and elegance.

Just as granite has a depth and – usually – a shine – Caesarstone quartz worktops also possess a deep, textured feel. Unlike bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, however, Caesarstone worktops do not contain natural flaws and unsettling colour variations.

In addition, whilst Caesarstone worktops often have a comparative simplicity and purity of look and design, a closer examination – or even the viewing of a photograph of a well-appointed kitchen or bathroom fitted with Caesarstone – will often demonstrate that far from being ‘plain’ or ‘functional’, Caesarstone has a unique and rather warm vibrancy that renders it highly suitable for many kitchens or bathrooms.

It should also be remembered, for those who wish to add even more of an impact in their kitchen or bathroom, that there is usually a wider range of colours available in quartz products such as Caesarstone or Compac Quartz, than there is in granite ranges.