Call in the experts when fitting granite and quartz worktops

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For DIY enthusiasts it can be tempting to try and install quartz or granite worktops themselves. This can be particularly so with quartz since it always comes packaged in identical, uniform size slabs which appear at first sight to be more ‘manageable’.

It is vital to keep in mind, however, that any quality solid stone worktop – whether straight from the quarry like granite, or conditioned like Compac Quartz (or its marble equivalent, Compac Marmol) – will always throw up far more challenges for the amateur fitter than synthetic worktops.

First and foremost, granite, Compac Quartz, and Compac Marmol, are all extremely heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. It may even be that existing cabinet bases will be unable to properly support such worktops and that the installation of additional supporting batons may be necessary. Without proper consultation or advice it can be difficult for the amateur installer to gauge the need for such additional support mechanisms.

Secondly, although slabs of Compac Quartz or Compac Marmol may well come in neat, uniform sizes, kitchens or bathrooms unfortunately do not. Precision cutting of the slabs to match the shape of a room, and the effective management and elimination of potential gaps and mismatches always require expert attention.

Thirdly, because granite, Compac Marmol, and quartz stone worktops are relatively expensive, one single fitting error or any accidental breakage will prove extremely costly.

For these reasons it is recommended that expert fitters who are also registered members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen are always chosen to install Compac Quartz, Compac Marmol, and granite worktops.