Caring for quartz stone worktops

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Quartz worktops such as those made by cimstone quartz, are among the toughest and most hygienic in the world, and require very little maintenance. There are however a few key points that owners of a quartz worktop should note.

Firstly, and most importantly, after each use, quartz worktops should be immediately be wiped down with soap water and then dried off. This will usually be sufficient to keep the surface clean and will prevent any spillages from sticking.

In the event that any substances have been left to dry on a quartz surface and are difficult to remove with soapy water alone, it is recommended that a plastic spatula be initially used to scrape off the bulk of the deposit, followed by a rubbing down with a light proprietary kitchen cleaner; heavy duty abrasive cleaners are definitely not recommended for this purpose. After removing the stain, all traces of the proprietary cleaner should also be removed.

Secondly, although quartz worktops are tough enough to handle the demands of even the most hectic professional kitchen, they still need to be treated with respect in order to prevent the possibility of cracks or scratches.

A surface protector should be used for example when placing down very hot trays or dishes that have come straight from the oven. Likewise, the dropping of heavy objects on to the surface should be avoided, as should the direct application of any unusually aggressive chopping or beating.

It is also strongly recommended that any contact with very strong chemicals should be avoided; advice that is probably particularly apt for bathrooms.