Caring for quartz surfaces

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Quartz kitchen and bathroom worktops are renowned for being among the most hard-wearing of surfaces. As with all stone worktops however, there are still some golden rules regarding general care and maintenance that should be observed.

The main requirement for maintaining quartz stone worktops is – ironically – to avoid doing too much in the way of maintenance. Essentially, all that is usually needed to clean a quartz worktop is a quick wipe-down with soapy water – or at the most a fairly basic cleaning solution – followed immediately by drying using a cloth or paper towel.

Unlike granite worktops, quartz surfaces do not need sealing before use; indeed, use of sealants should be completely avoided, as should the application of any harsh or caustic chemical solutions.

By the same token, quartz surfaces should not be polished. Many quartz surfaces, such as Compac Quartz, will already give off a ‘polished’ appearance anyway.

The only other requirement for quartz worktops is to treat them with respect when it comes to exposure to very high temperatures. Although quartz worktops are highly heat resistant they should, just like bathroom and kitchen granite worktops – and those made from the marble equivalent, Compac Marmol – be covered with a mat before any very hot pans or other extremely hot objects are set down.

For similar reasons, it is extremely unwise to install quartz surfaces where there is likely to be intense exposure to sunlight. If in doubt, those planning to fit quartz surfaces in the UK should always seek advice from installers who are registered members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.