The importance of colour when choosing kitchen or bathroom worktops

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Bearing in mind that granite or quartz worktops usually last a lifetime, it is as important to give as much thought to the colour of these worktop as it is to the material used in their construction. Ironically, the colour of the current decor of a kitchen or bathroom should not really hold any influence over what the worktop colour should be; kitchen colour schemes will often change over time and the current decor may not have been chosen with a worktop in mind.

The growing popularity of quartz

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Quartz worktops have become an extremely popular choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops over recent years. Quartz is a very similar surface to granite, its fashionable predecessor, however the difference between the two stones is that whilst granite is a natural igneous rock; quartz is engineered to have all the aesthetic advantages of granite, yet is simpler to maintain.

The best surfaces for your bathroom

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The bathroom is a place to which we retreat for relaxation, and having an aesthetically pleasing bathroom design goes a long way when it comes to comfort and luxury. When choosing bathroom worktops you want to be sure that the pattern and design complements your bathroom décor, however you also want your surfaces to be able to withstand the wet environment, otherwise they will become damaged or stained.