Choosing between quartz and granite worktops

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Quartz and granite worktops are the ideal combination of practicality, stunning looks and homely comfort. When our customers ask which is better, quartz or granite, we point to the following facts:

First and foremost, granite and quartz worktops are both durable and hard-wearing; provided they are installed by expert fitters, they should last a lifetime.

Granite however will always be a polished sample taken straight from the quarry, whereas the quartz used in the construction of quartz worktops is in fact what is known as cimstone quartz, a combination of quartz and resin.

For those who prefer natural colours and the look and feel of a pure stone, granite worktops will always come out on top. In choosing quartz stone worktops however, a greater degree of control can be exercised over colour.

It should be noted that unlike quartz, granite requires sealing before use to help prevent staining by some of the more acidic spillages that can occur, particularly in the kitchen. Granite worktops also need to be treated with the respect due any natural product; by, for example, avoiding the placing of very hot items directly on the surface, and being careful when applying sharp or heavy objects in case this leads to cracking or chipping.

Granite worktops are also more expensive than quartz worktops.

For those still in a dilemma over whether to choose quartz or granite, a reputable supplier will be happy to provide more information on the relative merits of each, and be able to provide samples.