Choosing the best quartz worktops

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

It is important to make sure you choose only high-quality quartz worktops for your kitchen or bathroom – this cannot be stressed enough.

Whilst quartz has a deserved reputation as being equal or even superior to more traditional stoneware such as granite, most kitchen and bathroom experts agree there are really only a select number of quartz brands to which this description can truly apply.

The general consensus is that these quality quartz brands would include, for example, Compac Quartz worktops – such as those forming part of the company’s much-acclaimed new Trend worktop range, caesarstone worktops and the original founders of quartz worktop technology, Diresco Quartz.

Taking a chance on a relatively unknown brand, or on a ‘bargain’ off-cut, can, it has been found, leave the buyer open to innumerable problems further down the line.

The reason for this is that kitchen and bathroom worktops made from quartz depend for their resilience and durability not just on the fact that quartz has been used in their manufacture – but on the way in which this manufacturing process has been carried out.

Almost all high-quality quartz worktops are produced by skilled handlers using a Breton machine. This involves taking pieces of pure quartz and compacting them together extremely tightly using a special resin as a binding agent.

The process not only ensures that the surfaces are completely impermeable and superlatively hard-wearing, but that each piece is guaranteed for uniformity in both colour and design.

Finding a supplier who deals in quality brands such as Diresco Quartz therefore is, most experts agree, the safest way to ensure a purchase meets the ‘Breton’ criterion.