Choosing the colour of quartz or granite worktops

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Granite and quartz worktops are extremely popular since they are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable and practical.

When it comes to choosing the colour of quartz or granite worktops the customer is really spoilt for choice. The natural colours of granite number approximately 500, whilst quartz is available in an even wider range of colours.

One of the key considerations when choosing the colour of a worktop is whether to match the room’s overall colour scheme or to offer a dynamic contrast.

A smaller room that uses light colours to create the illusion of space for example, may rely on a similarly light-coloured worktop to give a feeling of flow and continuity. Larger rooms on the other hand often call for a ‘mirroring’ effect to help create a more structured feel; a dark worktop that matches a dark floor will, for example, look highly effective against lighter kitchen units.

In terms of the actual colours used, shades with a red hue can create more warmth, whilst bluer shades give a cooler feel. It is worth noting that even with otherwise neutral shades such as grey there may well be some effectively warm reddish tones within the pattern.

On a practical level it is also worth bearing in mind that stains do not show up as easily on lighter surfaces. It is also a fact that a chosen colour can look very different depending on the light conditions.

Since colour choice can be a complicated issue it is recommended that samples are requested before selecting a granite or quartz worktop.