Choosing the right worktop for a kitchen or bathroom

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Worktops are an essential feature in most kitchens and a key requirement for many bathrooms. When choosing a worktop there are three main considerations: practicality, looks and budget.

A worktop serves a number of vital functions, particularly in the kitchen. Worktops should be able to withstand chopping, high temperatures and liquid spillages. Laminate worktops however can easily crack and chip, whilst wooden worktops can scratch and warp when exposed to high temperatures.

Provided it is sealed, a highly effective worktop solution can be found in a naturally durable and hard-wearing stone such as granite. UK households have also in recent years discovered similar hard-wearing and heat-resistant qualities in quartz worktops.

When it comes to aesthetics it is important to choose a worktop that offers a full range of colours so that a perfect complement can be made to the existing or planned kitchen or bathroom decor. Laminates of course come in a variety of patterns and colours. Many householders however find the overall finish on laminate worktops can look disappointingly manufactured.

What many people are often surprised to discover however is that granite comes in a vast array of different light and dark colours. Quartz stone worktops, meanwhile, are even more varied colour-wise since the quartz used is cimstone quartz, specially processed, and therefore highly colour-controllable, quartz.

For those on a low budget, laminates may appear attractive. It should be noted however that because they are more prone to marks and damage, they may well require replacing sooner or later, whereas quartz or granite worktops can last a lifetime.