Choosing worktops for more traditional kitchens and bathrooms

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Whether through personal interior design choice or in order to remain faithful to existing structures and decor, there are many households in Leeds, Cheshire, Humberside and across Yorkshire that are still opting for kitchen and bathroom worktops compatible with a more traditional look and feel.

Although first instincts might suggest that a traditionally appointed room would demand a worktop in a traditional material, such as granite, there are a surprising number of modern worktop materials which also lend themselves perfectly well to a more classically-styled décor.

Quality quartz worktops, such as those made from Caesarstone or Compac Quartz, are available in a diverse range of colours and patterns, many of which mirror the classical look of granite and other solid stoneware.

Caesarstone worktops in particular often draw inspiration from the clean purity of naturally occurring stoneware, both in lighter and darker colours.

Another modern quality worktop material, Compac Marmol, remains uncannily faithful to the look of the real marble that makes up the bulk of the product’s structure.

This leads on to an important point – that Compac Marmol and quartz worktops can not only be made to look like traditional stoneware, they are in themselves constituted from stone and therefore function just as effectively as traditional stone and granite worktops.

Among the other advantages of modern stone worktops is that, unlike traditional granite worktops, they do not require sealing before use and are much less likely to exhibit structural or design flaws.