Choosing your kitchen worktops

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

When designing your kitchen you need to pay important consideration to your choice of worktops. Kitchen worktops need to be strong, waterproof, resilient and durable in order to withstand the nature of their environment.

Kitchen granite worktops are extremely popular for aesthetic and practical reasons. Granite is an igneous rock predominantly consisting of plagioclase feldspar, feldspar, mica and quartz – the proportions of which vary according to the conditions in which it is formed. After diamond, granite is the hardest natural stone, and this strength lends its suitability to worktops. In fact granite has many domestic uses today including bathroom worktops, fireplaces, wall cladding and many more.

One of the disadvantages to granite is the inconsistency of the pattern, and no two slabs are ever likely to look the same. For some this adds to the beauty, but if you prefer a more even look to your kitchen worktops you may want to opt for an engineered surface such as quartz or cimstone quartz.

These quartz surfaces are created using natural stone and resin, and can be designed to the pattern and colour of your choice; therefore slabs are more uniform in appearance. Quartz and cimstone quartz have all of the strength and durability of granite, and are even easier to maintain since unlike granite they do not need to be sealed every few years to maintain protection.

Ultimately all three surfaces provide excellent kitchen worktop material, and it is down to you to decide upon your favoured pattern and the requirements of your kitchen.