Cimstone Quartz: A Better Material Leads to a Better Product

In Quartz Surfaces by dawn

When choosing a material to build a counter top or other surface, you should consider cimstone quartz.

Cimstone Quartz offers all the advantages of the more commonly used materials such as granite and marble. In fact, the material offers more benefits than these other materials. The process used to refine the cimstone eliminates many of the imperfections, leaving and end product that can be used to create a very effective work surface. The same process also leaves the material easy to alter, meaning multiple cimstone quartz colours and shapes are available to fit your needs.

From cost to practicality, cimstone quartz will satisfy the needs of any consumer. In terms durability, it is a stronger material than granite. There is actually a scale that determines how easy a material can be scratched known as the Mohs scale. On this scale, cimstone is categorized in a stronger class than granite. You should be able to use any surface in your house without the fear of chipping or cracking it. Cimstone is proven to be better at resisting wear and tear and simply lasts longer. Why spend money on a weaker material?

In addition, cimstone quartz absorbs water at a slower rate than granite. The last thing you want is for your surface to warp, erode and weaken because of water and other liquids seeping through. When liquid seeps inside a material, the structure gradually becomes weaker over time. Let’s face it. Almost any surface that you are going to use on a daily basis is going to have things spilled on it from time to time. Surfaces made out of cimstone will be easy to clean up and last a lot longer. In other words, they are a much smarter investment.

Cimstone quartz can be altered to be almost any colour or cut into almost any shape and pattern. Regardless of the space you need filled, cimstone can be used to make your new surface fit both spatially and aesthetically. Whether you want a kitchen counter capable of handling the nightly cooking load or a beautiful bathroom counter top that ties the room together, cimstone is the material you should consider. While it is not as well known as granite, the material is more durable and is available in more patterns and colours. If you are going to spend money, you should spend it on something that will look good and last.