Colour schemes and your kitchen worktops

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

The injection of colour into a room does far more than simply liven it up. Colour can affect the appearance of size and shape, whilst influencing the feel and atmosphere of the space. Consider carefully when choosing kitchen worktop colours so that you find the right scheme to bring space and energy to the room.

If you have a small kitchen, the best way to give the visual effect of space is with light or muted tones. If you are installing granite surfaces you may want to opt for Kashmir white or Shivakasi ivory for example. Quartz and cimstone surfaces will allow you greater choice since they are engineered materials and can be designed to the colour and pattern you desire.

Darker colours will draw the room in, which gives it a cosy effect best suited to larger kitchens. Warm and dark kitchen worktops go particularly well with lighter matching colour schemes, particularly light walls, floors and cupboards, creating an air of balance in the room. If the rest of your colour scheme is dark, opt for lighter worktops, otherwise the room could start to look slightly oppressive.

Colour can be extremely personal, therefore if you are planning to choose colourful kitchen worktops consider how certain colours affect your mood, and apply that to the atmosphere you aim to create with your kitchen colour scheme. If you desire particularly bold colours you may need to go for engineered surfaces, as you will have far more choice with regard to tones and patterns.