Does Compaq Quartz have a lifetime guarantee?

In Compac Quartz by dawn

Is it true, as many experts claim, that kitchen and bathroom worktops made from Compac Quartz can last a lifetime? The answer, happily, is a qualified yes.

Compac Quartz is a quality material created by tightly securing pure quartz aggregate – one of the hardest minerals found on the planet – with a small quantity of resin. The result is a formidable stone product dominated by the natural glint of quartz, yet with the benefit of a craftsman’s eye for consistency in colour and pattern.

Quartz stone worktops used in kitchens and bathrooms are the match for bathroom and kitchen granite worktops in terms of strength and durability; and they also have the advantage over granite worktops in that they do not require sealing of any kind.

Whilst most industry experts agree that Compac Quartz – along with sealed granite and an aggregate marble material called Compac Marmol – has the capacity to last a lifetime, there are two important caveats.

Firstly, some methods of installing quartz surfaces in UK homes have involved fitting thin layers of quartz over existing worktops. Whilst pleasing to the eye, it is very possible that the underlying worktop will not be able to withstand the impact on the quartz above. This may in turn lead to damage to the quartz surface itself. It is recommended therefore that the installation of quartz surfaces is always in the form of a complete replacement worktop.

Secondly, although quartz worktops are highly scratch and heat-resistant, it is still prudent to always lay down protective mats or boards before intensive chopping or placing very hot vessels.