Exploding the myth that granite is high maintenance

In Granite Worktops by dawn

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen or bathroom worktops, the choice for most people often comes down to either quartz worktops or granite worktops. For some, however, granite worktops are conceived as being too ‘high maintenance’ and so quartz almost always comes out on top.

This characterisation of granite is in fact greatly exaggerated and may mislead buyers into making the wrong decision regarding the most suitable worktop for their kitchen or bathroom.

The myth that bathroom and kitchen granite worktops are ‘high maintenance’ probably stems from the fact that granite, unlike quartz, is taken straight from the quarry and into one’s home. Whilst quartz stone worktops such as Compac Quartz always comprise a combination of real quartz together with a resin binder to make them tough and impermeable to scratching or staining, granite is as close to a pure, pre-historic larval rock as one can get.

Granite is however one of the toughest stones in the world; highly heat and scratch resistant; hygienic; and very easy to keep clean.

Admittedly, granite can be slightly porous and therefore susceptible to staining, particularly from spillages of acidic liquids such as vinegar or orange juice. This problem however can be easily overcome by simply brushing on a proprietary sealant once a year – a task which is by no means onerous and can be carried out easily by an amateur.

The choice between the natural beauty of granite and the more uniform patterns and colours of quartz is a difficult one, but questions of care and maintenance need not enter into this dilemma.