Four advantages of installing Diresco Quartz worktops

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In addition to being aesthetically inspiring, Diresco Quartz worktops are renowned for more than holding their own when compared with traditional granite worktops.

Diresco Quartz worktops – like Compac Quartz, Compac Marmol, and caesarstone worktops – benefit from a managed production process which produces supremely resilient, impervious stoneware.

As a consequence, Diresco Quartz can help overcome the following worktop irritations and challenges:

  • Long-winded cleaning processes involving the use of cleaning sprays and intense scrubbing. This is because the only measure usually required to keep Diresco quartz kitchen and bathroom worktops completely, and hygienically, clean is a quick wipe down with soapy water; followed by an equally quick dry off with a clean cloth
  • Endless wearing out and replacement of protective chopping boards and other types of food preparation board used in the kitchen. Unlike lower quality worktops, Diresco Quartz enables most food preparation – including chopping – to be carried out on the worktop surface itself, without risking any scratching or chipping
  • Having to tolerate awkward gaps where the layout of the room is not sympathetic to standard worktop dimensions. A qualified installer can cut and shape Diresco Quartz worktops to precisely fit any given space, no matter how awkwardly shaped the area
  • Needing to replace a worktop every few years or so owing to staining. Owing to their special resin coating, Diresco Quartz worktops are completely impermeable to liquid and chemical spills; and, unlike bathroom or kitchen granite worktops, they do not even require special sealing before first use.