Granite and quartz worktops: ideal for busy householders

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An increasing number of householders are attempting to improve their work-life balance by investing in labour-saving devices and easy-care home solutions.

The installation of granite worktops is a case in point.

Although sometimes considered to be simply an interior design choice, kitchen and bathroom worktops made from granite, and indeed from other high-quality stoneware such as Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol, also possess strong functional qualities.

Many people who buy granite and quartz worktops are firstly influenced by the fact that these stone surfaces are literally built to last a lifetime, and require little, if any, maintenance.

Others, however, are also cottoning on to the degree to which the resilient and impermeable nature of these surfaces can help ensure that very little time and effort, other than a quick wipe down with soapy water, is required to achieve a thorough and hygienic cleaning.

Some smart householders have even realised that products such as Trend from Compac can extend these labour-saving qualities to flooring.

Ironically perhaps, just as the practical reasons for choosing kitchen and bathroom worktops made from quality stoneware start to become clearer, a great deal of time can still be spent choosing from the vast choices of colours and designs on offer.

This is particularly so given that bathroom and kitchen granite worktops now compete with several top quartz brands, including the original and renowned Diresco Quartz range, and more recent contenders such as Caesarstone worktops: all of these brands offer a large variety of colours and designs.