Granite and quartz worktops: the best quality and range of colours

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It is widely acknowledged by interior design experts that synthetic materials can never really match the sheer variety, depth and quality of colours found in solid stone such as quartz and granite.

When choosing kitchen and bathroom worktops, however, many of those purchasing granite and quartz surfaces UK–wide will often comment that they are doing so not just because of the colours, but also because of the unique feel that comes with such surfaces.

It is for this reason that synthetic worktops – even when they vaguely approximate to some of the colours and patterns found in quartz and granite worktops – will never completely match them for overall quality and luxuriousness.

Some manufacturers of synthetic worktops will of course point out that some solid stone colours may be rarer than others; and that in choosing a similar colour in a synthetic material, it may be worth sacrificing quality for availability.

Those in the know however have learnt that whilst some real stone materials are entirely dependent the natural processes by which they’re made, others can be transformed into a variety of precisely controlled colour schemes and patterns. What is more, some ‘engineered’ stone materials will often be an improvement on the original stone in its raw state.

Compac Marmol, for example, is an engineered version of pure marble which remains true to the feel of original marble but with far more built-in protection against staining from liquids or scratches.

Compac Quartz likewise offers all the strength and luxury of pure quartz but with greatly increased control over colour and pattern choice.