Granite or quartz surfaces? The customer’s choice

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Solid surface stone worktops are among the few household accessories that truly never go out of fashion. Quartz worktops may be the latest buzzword in worktops, but they are simply adding to the already dazzling choice facing consumers.

This is not to say of course that there are no major differences between the various stone worktops. Quartz surfaces, for example, are more uniform in colour and design; whereas granite has a more ‘natural’ look, with a pattern that usually possesses a stunning depth of field.

What is important to note however is that the choice of worktop usually comes down to personal preference rather than by following the latest advice from interior design experts.

Thus, whilst Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol are currently two of the more popular materials used for stone worktops in the UK, traditional granite worktops are still purchased in large numbers.

Likewise, whilst some people might believe that the modernity-versus-tradition dilemma usually dictates that households can fit only a kitchen with granite worktops, there are in fact many modern bathrooms which successfully utilise granite surfaces.

Provided granite worktops are first treated with a proprietary sealant to prevent liquid absorption and possible staining, they will serve equally as well as kitchen and bathroom worktops made from quartz (although quartz stone worktops, having the advantage of being already hermetically sealed, will require no such further treatments).

Whether installing granite, Compac Marmol, or quartz surfaces in the UK however, it is always advisable to use fitters who are registered members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.