Granite worktops for your home

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Over the years granite has become an extremely popular choice for bathroom worktops and kitchen countertops in modern bathroom and kitchen design thanks to its durability and resistance to heat and water. Granite also gives a highly sophisticated finish, and is available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your individual kitchen or bathroom design.

Granite was once an expensive choice for kitchen bathroom design; however its growing popularity combined with the high level of availability means that today granite surfaces can be bought at affordable prices.

There are two main types of granite. The first, and slightly cheaper option, is consistent granite, where the slab has a constant pattern throughout. You can buy a number of consistent granite slabs and fit them together as opposed to buying the granite as one ready-made slab. The second, more expensive type is variegated granite, the surface of which has an eye-catching marble effect. This must be bought in one large slab and as such will require more effort to install.

Black granite has been the recurrent favourite amongst buyers, matching well with light wood kitchens or high gloss white or chrome décor. Nevertheless recent years has seen a growing demand for coloured, variegated granite surfaces, which make a bolder statement and can give your room a real ‘wow’ factor. Tan brown granite and Labrador antique granite for example maintain that dark effect but have the added element of beautiful patterning. Other eye catching colours include Blue Pearl, Venetian Gold and Kashmir White to name a few, which make stunning accompaniments to a range of kitchen design patterns.

If the purchase of solid granite worktops is a little over budget, then one money-saving option is to buy granite tiles, which are smaller slabs of the same material that can be patterned around your kitchen or bathroom furniture and inlaid into wood or laminate surfaces, meaning you can really have the kitchen design of your dreams.