Granite worktops for your kitchen

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Many people choose granite for their kitchen worktops because it is both stylish and practical. Granite worktops add a real sense of luxury to any kitchen, whilst being incredibly durable thanks to their strength and resistance against water, stainage and heat.

Granite is a natural stone. Each piece of granite is uniquely patterned in colour and texture, creating a beautiful and distinctive design. Granite surfaces vary widely in terms of colour, shade and pattern, which means that finding granite surfaces that complement your kitchen design can be achieved with ease. You can choose from white, black, gold, brown, blue, red or green surfaces, with a never-ending variance in shades and patterns to suit your taste.

Kitchen granite worktops, like all granite surfaces, need to be maintained in order to keep their elegance. Any spillages should be immediately mopped, particularly acidic liquids such as alcohol, vinegar and lemon juice, or any oil based substances. Cleaning granite worktops is easy; they should be wiped with clean, warm water using a neutral, non-abrasive detergent. Once you have wiped the surfaces clean, you may then dry them off with chamois leather for a shiny glossy finish. It is important that you do not use abrasive materials to clean your granite surfaces as this will damage them and ruin their effect.

Granite worktops can be repaired and restored by qualified craftsman should they became damaged, chipped or stained, however if you maintain your granite surfaces carefully they will keep their strength and beauty for many years, making them an incredibly cost effective choice for kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops or any surface.