How quartz surfaces can help maintain kitchen and bathroom hygiene

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The importance of hygiene in the home is increasingly at the forefront of many people’s minds. Those choosing quartz stone worktops to add style and beauty to their home will therefore be pleased to learn that the installation of quartz surfaces in UK kitchens and bathrooms can also greatly help eliminate the likelihood of bacterial contaminations.

Quartz worktops are tightly sealed amalgams of pure quartz rock combined with a small quantity of resin. Quality branded worktops sealed in this way, such as those produced from Compac Quartz, are built to remain impervious to the absorption of liquid spillages and any consequent contamination from such liquid infiltration. A wipe down with a damp cloth will simply remove all the liquid that has been spilled. Moreover, unlike some granite worktops, quartz worktops will never have to be re-sealed in order to sustain this non-porous advantage.

Quartz is also an extremely tough substance and worktops produced using quartz are therefore highly scratch-resistant. Since scratches can easily harbour bacteria, this major source of bacterial contamination is instantly eliminated.

Two other sources of hidden bacterial growth are also virtually eliminated with professionally installed quartz surfaces.

Firstly, because Compac Quartz and other engineered quartz stone surfaces are precision-made in uniform block sizes, there will be no gaps between any of the joints, thereby preventing the build-up of debris in such gaps and the consequent growth of bacteria.

Similarly, the possibility quartz affords for under mount sinks means there will no longer be any overlapping sink lip covering up debris and the spread of bacteria.