How quartz worktops often come out on top for reliability

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Kitchen and bathroom worktops are among the most important utilities in a home – both from a visual and a functional perspective – and a purchasing decision should therefore always be based on a thorough consideration of the best options available.

For an increasing number of householders, quartz stone worktops often turn out to be their first choice. This is largely because they not only tend to consider quartz worktops to be more than a match for granite worktops from both an aesthetic and a practical point of view; but because they tend to consider quartz worktops to be more reliable.

Quartz worktops, such as those made from Compac Quartz, are produced by combining pure quartz with a firm and impermeable resin seal. The result is a series of slabs which are uniform in both size and colour.

One of the main advantages of processing quartz in this way is to overcome some of the haphazard flaws that sometimes occur with traditional granite worktops.

With quartz worktops, for example, the eccentric variations in colour or pattern often found in quartz slabs simply do not occur.

In addition, with quartz worktops there are none of the natural ‘fault’ which sometimes undermine granite worktops, and there is consequently far less danger of accidental breakage. On a few occasions, for example, natural weaknesses in kitchen granite worktops have led to counter overhangs snapping unexpectedly.

For similar reasons of reliability, some householders have opted for processed marble worktops – such as Compac Marmol – over pure marble.