How to create a contemporary kitchen

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

If you want to create a contemporary kitchen, there are a number of key design elements which need to be included. For appliances and cupboards, to splashbacks and worktops, the way to go is high-end luxury. It does not need to cost a fortune though.

There are many exciting appliances to be found today. From free-standing cookers in bright and vibrant colours, to the uber cool integrated versions. With innovative ideas such as in-drawer dishwashers, built-in wine coolers and coffee machines, a signature space can be created by those with vision.

Where the dimensions of the kitchen allow, creating an island unit is always a good idea. Ideal for food preparation, a space to eat, and a central area for storage, they work well in all manner of ways.

What ties everything together of course are the kitchen worktops. These do not necessarily have to be all one colour or style though. Many different colours, designs, styles, textures and materials can work incredibly well together.

Granite is ideal of course, providing that high gloss finish indicative of modern home workspaces. Modern engineered stone such as Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol can be used in new and interesting ways too, being used to give a flow and continuity not possible with other materials, whilst proving incredibly hygienic and durable.

Today, the only thing that limits you in creating your own unique and specialist kitchen is the imagination. Modern kitchen design is a lot more affordable than many people think, with the very latest concepts and ideas able to be introduced for far less than the final product delivers.