How to select the best worktops for your home

In Kitchen Worktops by dawn

In both the kitchen and bathroom, it’s important that you choose the right worktop for your lifestyle. Not only do worktops have to cope with the rigors of everyday use, they also need to look good. It is for this reason that granite and quartz worktops make such excellent choices.

Many people can’t seem to decide which material they prefer, however. Both offer an excellent surface and finish, and provide a sense of style, though one is natural and the other man-made.

Granite is the natural material, which has been slowly formed in the bowels of the Earth over millions of years. A wonderfully tangible material, each piece is unique given the certain colour variations and elements of shading which exist. With natural veining, it delivers on a great many levels for sight and touch.

Conversely, quartz is the man-made material, carefully manufactured from about 95% pure granite and mixed with a resilient resin. It is actually stronger than natural granite, more flexible and able to be produced in a range of colours. Many excitingly modern styles are available too, including those with mirrored pieces to deliver a high-end sparkling look.

Granite is available with a touch of sparkle too, thanks to a coppery gold flecking caused by water penetration. Known as ‘Star Galaxy’ it is increasingly hard to come by but increasingly yearned for by many homeowners. With many other choices though, a good-quality supplier will be apply to supply you with the perfect worktop finish for your home.