If you can’t stand the heat – get Caesarstone

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Whilst television cookery programmes may sometimes over-dramatise the intensity of cooking tasks carried out in the kitchen, many householders in Cheshire, Leeds, the wider Yorkshire area and Humberside will often testify to the fact that the kitchen is generally meted out with more punishment than any other room.

This is of course one of the reasons that an increasing number of householders in these regions are making sure the main kitchen work areas – the worktops – are constructed from an ultra-hard-wearing and resilient material such as Caesarstone.

Caesarstone is one of the few quality modern materials – along with Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol – which has been shown to truly match, and in some cases even surpass, the attributes of traditional granite worktops.

This is because Caesarstone is made from one of the hardest substances known to nature – quartz. The stoneware is then further toughened by being blended with a small quantity of resin – a process which also makes Caesarstone kitchen and bathroom worktops impervious to liquid staining.

In addition to withstanding the chopping and other high-impact activities associated with regular food preparation, Caesarstone quartz worktops have also been shown to be capable of resisting heat and steam temperatures of up to 150 degrees centigrade.

Resistance to scorching has also been shown to be a key benefit of Caesarstone – although, as with kitchen granite worktops and those made from other quality stoneware, it is advisable to use a mat when placing extremely hot items directly onto the surface.