Important tips when buying quartz and granite worktops

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Householders who are looking to enhance their kitchen or bathroom with quartz or granite worktops should note the following:

  • Granite and quartz worktops represent a significant, long-term home improvement opportunity, and any decision on the colour and pattern should therefore not be made quickly. Even when the choice of colours and patterns has been narrowed down by studying a brochure or online menu, the householder should always insist on being sent stone samples which can then be inspected under real lighting conditions as they change throughout the day and night
  • Granite and quartz stone worktops should last a lifetime, but only if the materials selected are of the best quality; are well-looked after; and are installed professionally. It is therefore strongly recommended that the supplier chosen can guarantee to source only the highest grades of granite or premium brands of Compac Quartz with detailed care instructions for the customer. It is also wise to choose fully experienced and qualified installers, and preferably those who are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen
  • The customer should be satisfied at every stage of the process, and should be aware of the finer points of purchasing granite and quartz. For this reason it can be an extremely good idea to source a reputable company that can follow the work through from worktop selection right through to installation and which does not insist on any payments until the whole job is complete and the customer entirely satisfied