Kitchen Granite Worktops

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Kitchen Granite Worktops – Timeless Beauty

Kitchen granite worktops are a beautiful, elegant addition to any décor from classic, traditional designs that incorporate wood and stone, to the more modern industrial look of stainless steel.

When granite is added to a home, it is one of the few enhancements that will appreciate over time, increasing the home’s overall resale value. As granite is quarried throughout the world, the shades and patterns found in each geological region are different. It generally has a medium to coarse-grained texture, which means that each piece has its own unique character. It is available in a variety of colours, shapes and thicknesses.

Quality kitchen granite worktops are able to withstand the heat of pots and pans fresh off the stove. Due to its non-porous nature, granite is also stain resistant. To remain in top condition, granite worktops do require regular care and upkeep. Though durable, many types of granite do need to be sealed before use, to prevent staining. Mild soap and water are the only products required to properly clean the surface. Despite their appeal and general acceptance by homebuilders and homeowners alike, granite worktops do have a few disadvantages. The primary deterrent for most homeowners is the price.

Kitchen granite worktops are more expensive than many of the laminate, wood or quartz options available. Pricing is dictated by several factors including where the granite originated, its colour and texture as well as its size. Remember, there is a great deal of work involved in the cutting, shaping, sizing and polishing of a worktop. However, the costs have come down in the last few years, due to the availability of granites imported from the Ukraine and most recently, China. If the worktop becomes chipped, hire a qualified, experienced professional to complete the work. This is not a good do it yourself project.

The addition of kitchen granite worktops does not need to break the bank. Once you have decided on granite, it is best to get quotes from several vendors. Talk about the quality of the granite, where it was quarried, and what the installation timelines are. Knowledgeable design professionals can assist you in selecting the best type of granite for your home, as well as your budget. Take some samples home with you to help you decide which colours suit your style.