Looking after granite worktops

In Granite Worktops by dawn

Looking after granite worktops properly will help them last longer and remain shiny, glossy and elegant for years. As a natural stone, granite is incredibly durable and resistant to heat, water and stains. Nevertheless there are a number of ways to maintain your surfaces to ensure that they remain strong and elegant.

Granite worktops are usually sealed before fitting, however it is recommended that you have them resealed every four months to keep them strong and protected. Despite their natural durability, oil-based, acidic and alkaline substances can sink into the granite surface, causing stains and damage over time.

Be sure to wipe away any spillages immediately. When cleaning granite worktops, never use abrasive materials such as wire wool or metal pads, which will scratch the surface. Stay away from bleach, scouring detergents, chlorine or alkaline substances which will again cause damage. When polishing granite worktops, non-abrasive detergent can be used in small amounts with clean warm water and a soft cloth.

Keep any strong acids such as paint stripper, oven cleaner or similar products away from your worktop. Also do not allow detergent or salt to build up as it will erode the surface.

Use a chopping board for food preparation; do not chop directly onto the surface. Neither should you place any hot pans or oven trays onto the worktop.

Try not to drop any heavy objects on your granite worktop as it could cause cracks or chipping.

Ultimately, if you are careful with your surfaces and maintain them well, your granite worktops will stay strong and beautiful for a very long time.