Looking after quartz and granite worktops

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Quartz and granite are ideal materials for worktops since they are both highly heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. Treat them with respect and they will hold their unique qualities for many years.

The care begins when choosing a supplier and installation company; not only should the quartz or granite used be of the highest quality grades, it should also be fitted by professionals, such as those who are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, to avoid the possibility of cracking, chipping or section misalignment during installation. In addition, once installed, granite worktops should always be coated with a sealant to ensure that any liquid spills do not permeate the stone.

Granite and quartz stone worktops should be cleaned regularly using soap and water. However, any liquid spills should always be wiped up immediately, most notably fruit juice spills, as granite in particular can be susceptible to staining by acidic liquids.

Where staining has occurred on granite this should be removed as soon as possible by way of a proprietary stain remover. Alternatively, soda crystals, white wine vinegar or even diluted bleach may help. Very stubborn stains on granite should be removed with fine wire wool and the surface restored to its polished state by rubbing with a fibre cloth.

Erring on the cautious side, since quartz and granite are among the toughest and most durable materials that can be used for worktops, direct heat sources should be avoided through the use of protective mats to prevent any possibility of marking; whilst a chopping board is always recommended when using a sharp knife.