Making the right choice when choosing kitchen and bathroom worktops

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It is no exaggeration to say that a quality stone worktop should last a lifetime. When such a purchase is being considered it is therefore vital that the best advice is sought.

Aside from the question of colour and pattern, it is important to realise there are several different types of stone worktops other than those made from granite. Marble based worktops, including Compac Marmol surfaces, for example, are very popular, as are quartz stone worktops such as those made from Compac Quartz.

Many people in fact find they prefer Compac Marmol or quartz surfaces to traditional granite worktops because the former are completely impervious to liquid absorption. Bathroom and kitchen granite worktops on the other hand are highly porous and always require sealing before their first use.

Moreover, whilst many householders prefer the natural randomness of granite patterns, there are a great many others who feel the regular patterns of Compac Marmol and Compac Quartz better suit the look they are trying to achieve in their kitchen or bathroom.

The particular popularity of Compac Quartz and other engineered quartz surfaces in UK households is also a reflection of the fact that there is no other way of incorporating the beauty of quartz in a kitchen or bathroom worktop design; quartz pieces are combined with a small quantity of resin to produce the gleaming and extremely tough and durable quartz surfaces so beloved by many householders.

In the final analysis the choice between quartz, granite or Compac Marmol, rests with the buyer; but that choice should never be rushed.