Nature or nurture: the granite versus quartz dilemma

In Bathroom Countertops, Kitchen Worktops by dawn

As far as kitchen and bathroom worktops are concerned, many interior design experts will be caught in a dilemma between whether the nature of granite or the product of human ingenuity that is cimstone quartz, is really superior.

Both granite and quartz stone surfaces are so much more resilient, hygienic and, – most would argue – visually impressive, than other types of worktop on the market, that an increasing number of householders are now choosing to pay the relatively higher cost of installing quartz and granite worktops rather than opting for poorer quality laminate or synthetic worktops.

The difficulty in choosing between cimstone and granite lies in the fact that whereas granite is purely and simply polished stone taken straight from the ground, cimstone quartz combines the best of nature with the superior quality control of modern production techniques; in other words it is a carefully engineered combination of pure quartz and epoxy resin that goes into the production of cimstone quartz surfaces. UK householders who have taken cimstone to their hearts point to the product’s hard-wearing qualities (cimstone quartz has actually proved itself resilient enough to be used in certain public buildings as a flooring); the fact that it is so easy to keep clean and blemish-free without the need for sealing; and the perennially polished appearance that derives from quartz.

Devotees of granite worktops on the other hand point out that granite’s natural colours, patterns and depth truly are unique. They also argue that, ultimately, nothing can beat the feel of a 100 % natural product.