On the popularity of Caesarstone worktops

In Set in Stone News by dawn

Caesarstone worktops are a popular choice in many household kitchens across Yorkshire, Humberside, Cheshire and Leeds – primarily because they are easy to clean and maintain, but because they significantly enhance the overall decorative appeal of a room.

Many householders reportedly choose Caesarstone worktops because the designs – whilst beautiful – appear sufficiently neutral as to be as aesthetically pleasing many years down the line, as they are today.

In addition, whilst some householders say they would always prefer to install traditional granite worktops in a kitchen – claiming that Caesarstone worktops are more suited to the look and feel of bathroom worktops – many others point to the fact that Caesarstone comes in a range of different patterns and colours, a good deal of which suit the look of a kitchen perfectly.

In addition – unlike kitchen granite worktops – Caesarstone worktops do not require sealing before use.

It is of course true that Caesarstone does have to contend for kitchen and bathroom selection with other quartz worktops – such as those produced by Compac Quartz. Other high quality modern stone worktops – including those made from Compac Marmol – are also steadily growing in popularity.

However, with a strong pedigree centred around continued widespread use in both domestic and professional environments – coupled with a constantly expanding range of innovative new designs – there is no reason to suspect that Caesarstone worktops will not go on to maintain their powerful presence in the market for many years to come.