Points to consider before choosing granite over quartz

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For some householders, not being able to find a suitable quartz worktop for their kitchen or bathroom can lead to their opting – almost by default – for granite.

It is however recommended that careful consideration is made when choosing granite, since it is a beautiful, but relatively high maintenance form of stoneware.

The first point to bear in mind regarding granite is that it will usually require sealing prior to first use. Certain granite worktops may even require repeated sealing throughout their functional life.

A second point to note is that granite worktops lack the tough and impermeable resin protection common to most quartz worktops. Many experts therefore caution great care when using kitchen granite worktops for high impact tasks such as chopping; and are quick to point out the dangers of accidentally spilling acids and other chemicals lest staining occurs.

For those householders who feel they have not yet seen the best in what quartz worktops have to offer, it may well be worth finding a supplier who can demonstrate the full range of quartz brands now available.

Many reluctant converts to quartz are often impressed, for example, on discovering the breath-taking colours and patterns of Compac Quartz and caesarstone worktops; whilst more and more are finding that worktops produced from Diresco Quartz easily match granite in terms of elegance and charm.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that other quality modern stone worktops, such as those made from Compac Marmol, can also prove worthy alternatives to granite.