Quartz and granite worktops: a world of colours

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One of the reasons why so many people are choosing granite and quartz worktops for their kitchens and bathrooms is the wide range of colours in which these two solid stone formats are available. Contrary to what some have been led to believe, there are few synthetic surfaces that can match the variety and richness of colour found on granite and quartz surfaces.

UK householders have become more adventurous in recent years regarding their choice of decor and colour schemes. Some have attributed this to the daring and original ideas demonstrated on high profile home makeover television shows and in the pages of home style magazines.

Whatever the reason, bathroom and kitchen granite worktops, and worktops made from quality quartz stone products such as Compac Quartz, have played a major role in brightening up and modernising previously non-descript rooms.

What is more, because granite and quartz stone worktops both derive much of their sheen and panache from nature, most commentators agree that the colours displayed always appear subtly tasteful rather than harsh or garish.

Dominant black or grey tones are a strong feature of worktops in many modern-looking kitchens and bathrooms, for example, yet underlying red tones may perhaps add a degree of warmth. Similarly, blue tones can be intensely stimulating though may be tempered by hints of more traditional colours such as ivory.

Owing to the vast array of colour choices, it is recommended that quartz and granite patterns are carefully considered before deciding on any one colour.