Quartz counter tops and tiles

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Quartz is particularly prized for the natural beauty of its surface, which consists of a uniformed pattern and colour. As well as its striking appearance, quartz is extremely durable and resistant to damage either from liquid spillages or cracks and chipping.

Quartz counter tops and quartz tiles can achieve a purer and lighter tone than granite surfaces because they are man-made, using a small amount of resin. Colours such as pure white can be achieved for quartz worktops, unlike natural stone surfaces such as granite. Similarly vibrant, bold colours can be created for quartz counter tops, which will give your kitchen or bathroom design a stunning finish.

A further advantage to quartz items is that they can be cut to fit any size, shape or thickness necessary, with straight or curved edges and round or flat surfaces. As such you are able to design your quartz surfaces around your kitchen or bathroom as opposed to the other way round, giving you much more flexibility and control over your décor.

Quartz surfaces are incredibly strong, and their lack of absorbency alleviates the risk of erosion and water damage. These are key fundamentals when applying quartz surfaces and countertops to a kitchen environment which is naturally prone to spillages, and a bathroom environment that is frequently wet and humid.

Cimstone quartz counter tops and quartz tiles come in a wide range of colours and patterns. The installation of quartz surfaces is generally easier than granite thanks to the customisation of size and shape as opposed to buying a large slab – a factor which will also save you money. Your quartz counter tops and tiles will not only look fantastic, but will be incredibly easy to maintain thanks to the strength of their surfaces, making them a practical and lasting addition to your kitchen or bathroom.