Quartz: ideal when seeking worktop colour simplicity

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

Modern quartz worktops are often associated with stunning, vibrant colours and daring, bold designs. For this reason they can sometimes be erroneously overlooked by those looking for quality kitchen and bathroom worktops in simple, understated tones.

The sometimes hard-to-comprehend truth is that the variety of modern quartz worktops is so exceptionally vast that almost any decorative or design taste is likely to be available in quartz.

Those looking for a ‘cleaner’ look may well be pleasantly surprised, for example, at the range of beautifully simple textures available in the new Trend designs from the makers of Compac Quartz worktops. The Trend range is also available for flooring solutions.

By finding an established dealer capable of sourcing the widest range of quality quartz worktops the buyer can also be directed to appropriately uncomplicated designs from other top manufacturers.

Diresco Quartz, for example, has the longest pedigree of any quartz product, and having added extensively to its portfolio over the course of many years, the manufacturer now features a wide range of sober, more neutral colours.

Other quality branded quartz products worth researching include caesarstone worktops, and the best dealers should be able to supply you with examples of simple worktop colours and styles made using the marble equivalent of quartz – Compac Marmol.

When choosing bathroom or kitchen quartz worktops, it is true that there is a certain allure about buying quartz sourced straight from the ground. However, it can sometimes be surprisingly ‘busy’ in appearance.

So, when seeking simple, understated colours or designs, exploring ‘manufactured’ quartz worktop may well be more worthwhile than researching ‘natural’ quartz worktops.