Quartz Kitchen Worktops – A Beautiful Alternative to Granite and Laminate Surfaces

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If you are designing a new kitchen, quartz kitchen worktops should be on your list for consideration. These worktops give you the natural beauty of stone while opening up a wide array of colours and textures at the same time. Engineered quartz worktops come in dozens of colours and patterns from which a kitchen designer or homeowner can choose. It is also nonporous, stain resistant, and scorch resistant. Bacteria usually do not have a place to grow and it remains hygienic for many years. Most worktops come with a warranty as well. All of these add up to why these worktops are becoming popular. You can find a wide selection of options Set in Stone.

Quartz kitchen worktops are a blend of natural quartz in a variety of sizes and thermal epoxy resin. Over 90% of the actual worktop is made of quartz. The rest is resin. The final product is flat and smooth. You can get a variety of edges to match the style of your kitchen. Due to the manufacturing and engineering, the look of each worktop remains consistent from one batch to another. That means if you order worktops and need to add additional later, you will likely get the same look and feel on the new. Back and prove handy if you ever intend to expand the kitchen area or add additional workspace.

Most homeowners that select quartz kitchen worktops love the low maintenance associated with them. The mixture of quartz and resin leave a nonporous surface. That means that most liquids spilled on the surface will not leave a stain. It also means that a warm pot will not leave a scorch mark. Some of these worktop manufacturers do advise not to put hot cookware directly on the surface. It is best to follow the advice of the installer in order to know what is good and what is bad for your new work surface. We can give you advice that is Set in Stone.

Due to the hardness of the quartz surface, it is resistant to scratches. Some manufacturers also add antibacterial properties to the resin to keep the surface antibacterial. This means that the countertops provide a hygienic space for food preparation and cooking. It is ideal for people that have small children or have health issues that require extra sanitation. One final advantage to quartz kitchen worktops is the beauty that it adds to your home. Many people love the look of natural granite but do not want the upkeep. Many people find that these engineered worktops give them the beauty, low maintenance, and added value that they were looking for.