Quartz surfaces for your kitchen

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When designing your kitchen there will be a wide range of kitchen worktop and surface materials to choose from. The kitchen design will be a big factor when making your choice, however it is important to know the practical suitability of certain materials to ensure that you purchase surfaces which not only look good, but are highly durable and resistant to wear, spillages and damage.

The most common danger for kitchen surfaces is the risk of spillages and water damage. It is inevitable that from time to time your kitchen countertops will undergo abuse from upset milk, a knocked glass of wine or a tipped over orange juice for example. This is why it is highly important to choose surface materials that will not absorb liquids that can then cause the material to erode or warp and weaken. Wood surfaces are the most vulnerable to liquid, and as such the popularity of wooden countertops in kitchens has significantly dwindled over the years.

Quartz counter tops are ideal for the kitchen. Quartz has the same strength and durability as granite, yet comes in a wider variety of colours and patterns, and can be cut to the specific size and shape suitable for your kitchen. Its resistance to wear and damage means that your quartz surfaces will maintain a smooth and attractive finish, which is extremely easy to clean.

Cimstone quartz counter tops are more affordable and actually stronger than granite surfaces. This is because Cimstone quartz has fewer imperfections, therefore is less likely to suffer damage from seeping liquids. Whilst being durable and strong, Cimstone quartz is again available in a wide variety of styles and colours, and can be easily selected and cut to any size and shape. Therefore when it comes to your kitchen design, Cimstone quartz counter tops make the ideal choice both practically and aesthetically.