Quartz surfaces: ideal for the modern home

In Quartz Worktops by dawn

It is often asked whether solid surface stone worktops are suitable – or even necessary – for the more modern kitchen or bathroom. However, the question should really be: how can the modern kitchen or bathroom cope without a stone worktop?

Firstly, even if a surface is used to make the occasional sandwich, it only takes one scratch to completely ruin its appearance. Scratches are far more likely to occur with poorer quality surfaces such as laminates. Stone surfaces, however, are highly scratch-resistant – particularly those engineered from quartz.

It should also be remembered that any kitchen or bathroom surface is likely to be subjected to extreme heat and that stone worktops are generally far more likely to remain unscathed under such intense conditions.

Secondly, hygiene is of course still as much of a concern in the modern home as it is in more traditional properties. Poorer quality kitchen or bathroom worktops can easily harbour bacteria, fungi and mildew, and can be very difficult to keep clean since they can tend to absorb spillages.

Quartz, Compac Marmol and granite worktops on the other hand, are very straightforward to clean – requiring only a simple wipe down with soapy water. Maintenance of quartz stone worktops is particularly suited to a more modern lifestyle since, unlike granite, they do not require periodic sealing.

On a final note, it is generally agreed that granite tends to look marvellous in both modern and traditional settings. However, for those wanting to accent their kitchen or bathroom with very bold colours, selections from the extremely wide Compac Quartz range may be preferable.