Quartz can be cut into nearly any size, shape and thickness that you desire. You won’t be limited to the standard, rectangular worktop either. Quartz can be cut to form round edges and curved surfaces as well. Your worktop can be shaped to fit in nearly any space you desire. From a large kitchen counter to a small work surface in an office, quartz can be used to create your perfect worktop.

Quartz worktops offer all the advantages of granite with some additional benefits. As a material, quartz is as strong and durable as granite. It will stand up to heavy use and repeated cleanings while continuing to look new. Another advantage of the material is its lack of absorbency. A worktop will no doubt have liquids spilled on it over time, but clean up will be easy. Unlike a wood surface, liquid will not soak into the surface and cause warping and bubbling. Even if you use the surface every day, cracking and chipping are very rare. Most of the time, long-term guarantees are available as well to cover unexpected damages.

Consumers will also be happy to know that compac quartz worktops come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Regardless of the colour and décor of a room, your worktop will blend in and even bring out the features of the room. Quartz provides a more consistent pattern and truer colour than granite does, meaning that your worktop will have a lasting, eye-popping appearance. With a granite surface, you could be forced to fit your room to the available patterns and colours. No consumer wants to settle for something because it is as close as they are going to get. With quartz, you can fit the available patterns to your room. As a consumer, you deserve to have exactly what you want.

Most importantly, the high availability of compac quartz makes products made from the material very affordable. The cost of using quartz to produce these surfaces is relatively low, and as a result, the consumers see the savings. If you are looking for a lasting addition to your home that will be both useful and aesthetically pleasing, then you should look into purchasing a quartz worktop. Your surface will meet your needs and require minimal work to maintain. The investment will be well worthwhile.

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