Quartz worktops: not just for mansions

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Quartz worktops are often associated with large, expensive kitchens and bathrooms. Stone worktops of this kind, however, are not solely the preserve of the photographed celebrity; they are increasingly being installed in many standard households across the country, for both aesthetic and good practical reasons.

The first point to bear in mind is that few worktop materials can match quartz for both richness and sheer variety of colour and pattern. Major producers of, say, Compac Quartz and caesarstone worktops devote a great deal of time and effort in adding to their colour and pattern ranges each year; and the best suppliers are therefore usually able to source the perfect kitchen and bathroom worktops to complement any interior colour scheme or d├ęcor.

A second factor in the growing popularity of quartz worktops is their proven capacity to fit any room, regardless of shape or size. A good supplier will be able to advise on the exact number of quartz panels required; whilst a professional installer will have no difficulty in cutting the panels to match the available space precisely.

Thirdly, more and more householders are heeding the advice of home experts who lay scientific claim to the superior functional and hygienic qualities of quartz worktops; matched only by more traditional granite worktops and those made from other quality stone derivatives such as Compac Marmol.

Finally, the ease with which quartz worktops can be cleaned and maintained also makes them a popular choice for a bathroom or kitchen. Unlike granite worktops, moreover, quartz worktops do not even require sealing before use.